We serve you with a palette of incubation, consultation & transformation; prepared with a mix of experience, expertise and latest technologies.

Data Management

We create a clear strategy for enterprise-wide master and metadata management. We assess all external and internal data sources .

Page Ranking

We provide an exhaustive and extensive marketing of your brand across all Digital Media by tapping into the expertise of our highly competent Digital Marketing team.


IAW will keep you competitive by offering cutting edge technology, and enhancing creativity in the workplace. The bottom-line is IAW can take you to the next level with all of your information technology needs. “Why wait when you can have it now”!

Being revolutionary at working takes a three-prong approach.

Big Data Analysis

Discover possibilities to be innovative at work through incremental innovation—solving things to supply extra price.

Tech Support

Interact others to help you and research the policies of the innovation recreation by means of adopting a method for innovation; we suggest innovative hassle solving.

Big Data Analysis

Discover you’re wondering alternatives for accomplishing innovation to help you be extra productive as you approach innovation.

Through our revel in assisting organizations with their innovation activities, we’ve determined that the only manner to recognize the topic is to interrupt it down and speak each of the key aspects associated with innovation control separately.


We make a layout of key web pages with interface elements.


In the design phase, the requirements will be broken down further to be able to forecast the project’s timeline and estimate the level of effort and amount of resources needed.


The largest amount of time in software development is spent coding the application. Once the system is designed and the technical foundation is decided, development can start.


Depending on your project, there is a variety of testing that could and should be used. All projects should undergo end-to-end testing and user acceptance testing.

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